Aue, Aue. Hawaiian Inspired Dress.

                Dress: Bebe Photo Credit: Daishawn Hayes (Click here to see his work)   *** I am laughing right now because I used to get so offended when people asked…

I couldn't help but name this post "Aue, Aue" because two weeks ago my friends and I watched Moana for the first time and loved it! I downloaded the soundtrack this week and have been singing along! This blue Hawaiian inspired dress is perfect for all your summer getaways! I have a few coming up that I am getting excited about and you can guarantee I will be taking this dress along! I paired this dress with a simple heeled sandal for an event a few nights ago- Click here to see the heels I choose.

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Travel Guide: A Weekend In Nashville

Photo Credit: Daishawn Hayes (Click here to see his work) **ALSO big shout out to him for putting up with both me and Tyra at the same time Friday: WELCOME TO NASHVILLE! Your first stop…

Today I teamed up with one of my besties, Tyra, to give you our weekend guide to Nashville! Whenever people come to town they always ask what should we do?? It's often hard to think of things right off the top of your head because there is SO much to do! This post is complete with our favorite things, as well as a guide to photo opportunities in each area! Tyra and I have both fallen in love with Nashville while living here and we hope that you will love it as much as we do! Tyra also has an album out that you should check out- Firestarter (Click here).

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Another Day, Another Dollar

      Outfit Details Linked Here: Shirt // Pants // Shoes // Photo Credit: Daishawn Hayes (See his work here)   In the midst of graduating from college and moving, I decided to re-start…

For those of you who do not know me personally, I am $arah Weedman and to put it simply, I am a mess! I am a Louisville, Kentucky Native, living in Nashville (for a few more weeks). You can almost always expect me to have Coca-Cola in my hand.  I love shoes and clearly dollar signs, you can read more about why I spell my name with a dollar sign by clicking here. These shoes have made all my dollar sign dreams come true! I paired them with black and white basics so that they would really POP! I haven't been able to go anywhere, while wearing them, without people stopping me and asking me where I got them.

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