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Most of you probably know that I spend Thirsty Thursday at the Barre- well The Barre Code that is! This summer I tried my first class and fell in love with the concept! The first thing I noticed was that the rooms had dim lighting and well, I was ALL about that because that meant there was smaller chance of people seeing me look like a fool! Secondly, I loved the music. The music and lights are synchronized, essentially if you try to forget the fact you are working out, you can kinda convince yourself that you’re at the club.

The environment is not only fun and upbeat but also positive. The instructors talk about body positivity and trying your best throughout each class. It’s a judgment free zone. This is something that is SO important for me. After being diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos, I really struggled to do group workout classes because I was embarrassed about how I had to modify some of the movements/workouts. Everyone at Barre Code has been very accepting and has not skipped a beat when I have to modify a movement or try something different because an exercise just isn’t working for me.

My favorite class is Barredio and MORE people need to be coming! Let me tell you- it’s a party. We learn a routine and usually spend 4 weeks working on it. Each week we add on a little bit more! We just recently completed a Britney Spears VS Christina Aguilera routine. This means the first half of our workout choreography was composed of Britney style moves and the second half had choreography that was more of Christina’s style. (I am so sad I am having to miss tomorrow due to Open House night at my school.)

The second class (the first one I ever tried) is TBC- total body conditioning. I personally think this class was a good starting point for me. I would highly recommend this if you are not sure where exactly to start in the Barre workout process. This class is designed to workout your entire body. A TBC class weights (2lbs or 3lbs) and sometimes a ball or Thera-band!

The Barre Code is recognized by Self Magazine and Vogue for having some of the best workouts in the Country, and let’s be real Vogue is like second to the Bible so if they say it is great you know it must be true!

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have and if you ever want to tag along please reach out!



The Barre Code has studios all over the country! Below is a list of states where you can find The Barre Code! Click HERE to see if there is a location in your city!













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