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If you can’t tone it…tan it, right? For years I fought the self-tanner battle of streaky tans, looking like an Oompa Loompa, and I am too lazy to get out and drive to a salon every week to get airbrushed or use a sunless tanning booth. A little over a year ago I started trying tanning mousse- I instantly liked the mousse way better than the lotion. I tried a wide variety of products ranging from $8-$55. After some success and a few fails, I fell in love with St. Moriz- when applied with a mitt you get a streak free even tan that only cost $12.99! It is very comparable to a popular tanning product that typically cost about $40 a bottle.

How to get the best results:

Always, Always use a mitt, this is an absolute must and just helps the tan apply evenly. I use the Ulta Sunless Mitt ($5.99). It’s often a good idea to shave your legs the day before to give the pores a chance to recover, that way the self-tanner does not seep into your pores causing small dots to appear. Before tanning, I always shower, exfoliate, and apply an oil free moisturizer to any dry patches I have. Using oil fee just means the tan will adhere properly to the skin as there is no barrier left as with a general moisturizer. I wait about 30-45 minutes to make sure I am completely dried off.  Then using the mitt apply the tan mousse onto the mitt and start at my ankles/feet and slowly work the tan all over in small circles until everything is covered. I would recommend that when doing your hands and toes, use the left over on the mitt from your arms, don’t use a fresh pump, it gives a much more natural effect and you avoid the dreaded uneven knuckles!!

For my face, I exfoliate, moisturize and then add some tanning mousse to my usual moisturizer, apply with a dense brush as this way you can buff the tan on and this gives an even application.

I do typically use the Dark moose at night and then go to sleep and wake up and shower- I feel that I get my best color when I let it set overnight. I have done it in the day time, just make sure you wait the 4-6 hours for the tan to best develop, avoid water, and wear loose clothing. In emergency situations, I use the Fast Tan if I have forgotten to tan the night before! The St. Moriz line does have sprays/mist. I have not tried them so I can only speak for my success with the mousse. I have linked some of their products below!

Happy Tanning!


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