Work the Metal Wednesday


Work the Metal Wednesday is the latest addition to my blog! If you have been following me on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat for a while, then you know that this store is totally my corner of the world! This cute Local store stole my heart years ago!

My mother received a gift from a friend in the cutest Tiffany Blue Box with a hot pink ribbon wrapped around it. She was given a beautiful sterling silver platter with Fleur De Leis along the outside circle of the serving platter. We were so captivated by the adorable box, we knew we had to check it out! I remember my first time in the store, I was in love! I left with a bag full of cute Tiffany blue boxes filled with Necklaces and Bracelets.

Work the Metal quickly grew their inventory and began to sell home decor, clothing, kitchen items, and so much more. Since opneing the store has undergone many updates, additions and an expansion. The store has always been my go-to for special event dresses, everyday wear, bath bombs, white elephant gifts, decorating, wedding gifts and even baby shower gifts! When I was living in Nashville, I would drive to Louisville for their special events- they have amazing Christmas shopping events and Derby events. Thankfully I live four minutes from the store and you can find me there most saturday mornings with an armfull of goodies! You can expect to see and hear a lot more about Work The Metal in the coming weeks- Just thought I would give you a quick little introduction to the local store that stole my heart!




Work The Metal

1201 Story Ave

Louisville, KY 40206



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