Winter Jewelry Guide

A couple Saturdays ago, if you saw my Instagram story you got to witness me be a WEIRDO and talk to myself in the camera in the middle of Target. (It’s the 21st century and I have decided that if people stop and stare, get over it!! I am obviously on Snapchat or Instagram just walk away and leave me be!) That morning I had done my typical Saturday swing by to Work The Metal and picked up a gorgeous necklace for the holidays and it was $19. I then did my typical Teacher chore of going to Target to get things I needed for my classroom/students over the next few weeks and decided to take a look down their jewelry aisle to see if they had anything similar to the necklace I had gotten that morning and their jewelry price range. A similar necklace was on display however, it was dull with very little sparkle and $35.

I love having unique pieces and a variety of them, which is why I choose to shop local with Work The Metal. A typical necklace there cost $19 and earrings are usually $9. Typically they only get one of each piece, so you do not have to worry about the someone else wearing the same accessory as you at  upcoming Holiday events.



Glitz and Glam: I currently have my eye out for anything shiny as can be! I love some statement bling for events, make a sweater stand out or to dress up a t-shirt.

Fringe: Seriously- Fringe, tassels, and baubles are currently the Beyoncè of jewelry right now and slowly taking over the world. Earrings like these have been my daily go recently! (I scored these for $9!)


Sophisticated and Classic: My Grandmother is one of the most classy women I have ever met. She is always put together and has the most beautiful accessories. I am drawn towards classic pieces (like below) because often they remind me of her. The earrings made me think of stunning silhouette necklace my grandmother owns from Italy. As much as a love modern and trendy items, it’s always great to mix in something classic. The cream and gold color match is a winter classic.


Chunky Monkey: I had to call this section chunky money because that’s exactly what my students said about my necklace when I wore it the other day! Ha! I was first drawn to this piece in the store because I have seen so many people wearing chunky jewelry with their solid sweaters and thought it was adorable but I was unsure if I could pull if off. However, it was of course on the display stand near the check out line… Starring and taunting me… I took the “challenge” and bought it! I have paired mine with my bling denim jacket and white T, as well as a white sweater and Camo utility jacket and both times my 7-year-old students approved (and believe me.. they are OVERLY honest). I have now gone back and purchased a second “chunky monkey necklace” in Kentucky blue. I love branching out of my comfort zone to try a new style (for myself at least) and realizing that I really do like it! It always gives me a boost of confidence.


I hope you are inspired to try some new styles or add some fringe and flare to your winter jewelry collection! Remeber bling is also always a great hostess gift this holiday season!




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  1. Jennifer O'Bryan
    November 23, 2017 / 1:23 pm

    Love this article!

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