Off The Shoulder Sweater + 8 Things I am Thankful For

Sweater: Work The Metal

The best thing about Thanksgiving Break is that it causes me to stop, rest and actually reflect on what I am thankful for and how lucky I am. Today was my first day of break (teacher perks!) so I spent the morning at Work The Metal, working on the blog and catching up with a few friends and I am cozied up in the Barbie Dream House, on my pink couch! I found the coziest winter sweater at Work The Metal this morning, I choose a size medium to make it off the shoulder.

I thought I would openly share my reflections for this year!

I am thankful for…

  1. Change – I do not always do well with change and I have had a lot of it this year! Change can be challenging but it can also reveal how tough you are.
  2. My Job – Lord Jesus, some days teaching is the hardest thing I have EVER done, but it has pushed me to be person, friend, co-worker and follower of Christ. (It has also pushed me into my bed every day to 4:30pm because I am so exhausted!)
  3. My Students – The drive me nuts, I mean seriously INSANE, but I love them unconditionally. They work hard, but they also disobey. They can be rude as HECK but can be sweet as sugar… Seriously it’s a constant cycle! BUT they do keep my room insanely clean and have a weird thing for sweeping? They somehow love me unconditionally back, no matter how frustrated I get with them, when they hug me goodbye and tell me they love me at the end of the day it makes me want to cry.
  4. My independence – I am really grateful that I am able to live on my own. I am able to teach, go to Barre class (much love to The Barre Code), I am able to travel. I know this is a luxury that a lot of people with my disease do not have. The physical therapy and rest can be a pain in the butt, however, I am constantly reminded of how important taking care of myself is and it is worth all the effort.
  5. My friends – As much as I miss my Nashville friends and seeing them every day, they are still really great friends of mine who check in and love on me from hours away. I also really enjoy getting to visit them or having them stay with me. I am also incredibly blessed with some great friends that live in Louisville (or at least visit a lot!)
  6. My family – It has been really nice being 10-15 mins from my family. Especially my parents who invite me to (AKA ALLOW ME TO CRASH) dinner rather often. They also took care of me when I was sick last week and my mom even went to the grocery to get me jello and pudding cups!
  7. My security – Physically/financially, I am thankful for a job the provides and allows me to live in an apartment where I feel incredibly safe. My neighbors are kind and always checking in on me. My apartment complex is fast about answering any concerns I have. I was actually at work and saw I had a missed phone call from them and quickly called them! I thought they were going to tell me I had left a straightener on and burned down my building or something horrible But they actually were just calling to check on me and make sure I was doing okay after going through a difficult situation. (I am also conveniently only 4 minutes from Work the Metal, Chipotle, and McDonalds)
  8. My Co-Workers – Last but NOT least! I could NOT have made it this far along in teaching without the amazing teachers that I am surrounded by every. single. day. It is the best support system I could ever ask for. And I have three fellow first-year teachers who are going through and experiencing some of the same things I am, they make this journey a lot less lonely!

I hope you have as many things and more to be thankful for this year!




P.S. This song always makes me stop and reflect. It reminds me how much I have to be thankful for, so I wanted to share it with you. (I am not even a Carrie Underwood fan, but she does have a beautiful voice-ha!)

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  1. November 22, 2017 / 7:00 pm

    Great blog post! It’s always nice to reflect and realize all the greats things we have in our life. Beautiful sweater!😍Happy Thanksgiving!

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