Sweater Weather + A Little Life Update

white ruffle

white ruffle

white ruffle

girlgang sweater

rain sweater

rain sweater

White ruffle sleeve sweater: Work The Metal // Black Girl Gang Sweater: Work The Metal // White Rain Cloud Sweater: Work The Metal // Jeans: Express // Shoes: Sam Edleman //


One of the few things I love about winter are the fun sweaters you can wear! Now that is is no longer socially acceptable to wear my Christmas sweaters, I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite sweaters. The white ruffle sleeve I actually wore for Thanksgiving. I have restyled it a few times since and worn it with black leather pants, a woven skirt and boots, and black jeans and my pink Gucci flats.

I am currently wearing the black girl gang sweater- in fact, it has become apart of my weekend uniform I have been wearing it so much! My friends who are big T-Swift fans loved it. I honestly didn’t think about Taylor and her “girl gang” when I bought it, I am not a huge fan. I just bought it because I liked it and found it funny! But clearly, if you are a T-Swift fan, you need it.

I am not sure who loves the raincloud sweater more… Me or my students! HA! It is SO soft and fuzzy! Whenever I have worn it they come up and rub their hands up and down my arm to pet the sweater (this used to freak me out, but it no longer phases me lol). I’ve also only worn it when its been raining, which makes it extra fun! I love a good themed outfit. It is hard to see in the photo, but the rainclouds have little sequin raindrops falling from them. Seriously, it is adorable!


Just a quick little life update- I had shared before that I was having sleep issues and going to have a sleep study done. In December, I got the results back and have been working with my sleep specialist to figure out the best treatment plan and I am feeling SO much better! I am hoping once I am consistently doing better I will be able to give more energy back to the blog and post 2-3x a week like I was this summer. Thank you to everyone who has continued to read or stop by! I have really had a lot of fun just making this a hobby and can not wait to see where it goes in the future! Thanks for hanging in there with me!





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