Halloween Inspiration

Barbie Costume

Barbie Costume

How is Halloween next week?! Every holiday keeps creeping up on me and with me being an unprepared mess these days (Lord, I hope someone can relate), I threw together a last-minute outfit.  I wore this bodysuit in a previous post in May and figured I needed another occasion to wear it. Pinterest was the real MVP with lots of Barbie inspiration!With some leggings, legwarmers (thanks to my figure skating days), classic pair of nudes and a scrunchie- I was all set! How can you not be Barbie when you are living in a Barbie Dreamhouse? Honestly, I am pretty sure I somehow always pull a costume together the day before an event or party, so this year was no exception!


^Shoutout to one of my best friends, Joe, who pulled off the Halloween comfort costume!

Last year was still probably one of my favorite costumes. With the help of a gold fabric pen (shirt), gold spray paint (shoes) and a quick to the candy shop I went as a “gold digger”! Sometimes last-minute things turn out to be the best. Turning pieces you already own into costumes is also the best because it means one less thing to worry about!

gold digger

The easiest last-minute costume I have ever thrown together was a referee find some guys in Jerseys to take a picture with you and BOOM! Looks like it was planned! (Fake it till you make it, Sista!)


What are your Halloween plans? (also yes, I am aware I am back from the blogging dead! It’s not even worth explaining! I’m slowing but surely learning how to balance so expect to see me around more!)




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