Off The Shoulder Sweater + 8 Things I am Thankful For

Sweater: Work The Metal

The best thing about Thanksgiving Break is that it causes me to stop, rest and actually reflect on what I am thankful for and how lucky I am. Today was my first day of break (teacher perks!) so I spent the morning at Work The Metal, working on the blog and catching up with a few friends and I am cozied up in the Barbie Dream House, on my pink couch! I found the coziest winter sweater at Work The Metal this morning, I choose a size medium to make it off the shoulder.

I thought I would openly share my reflections for this year!

I am thankful for…

  1. Change – I do not always do well with change and I have had a lot of it this year! Change can be challenging but it can also reveal how tough you are.
  2. My Job – Lord Jesus, some days teaching is the hardest thing I have EVER done, but it has pushed me to be person, friend, co-worker and follower of Christ. (It has also pushed me into my bed every day to 4:30pm because I am so exhausted!)
  3. My Students – The drive me nuts, I mean seriously INSANE, but I love them unconditionally. They work hard, but they also disobey. They can be rude as HECK but can be sweet as sugar… Seriously it’s a constant cycle! BUT they do keep my room insanely clean and have a weird thing for sweeping? They somehow love me unconditionally back, no matter how frustrated I get with them, when they hug me goodbye and tell me they love me at the end of the day it makes me want to cry.
  4. My independence – I am really grateful that I am able to live on my own. I am able to teach, go to Barre class (much love to The Barre Code), I am able to travel. I know this is a luxury that a lot of people with my disease do not have. The physical therapy and rest can be a pain in the butt, however, I am constantly reminded of how important taking care of myself is and it is worth all the effort.
  5. My friends – As much as I miss my Nashville friends and seeing them every day, they are still really great friends of mine who check in and love on me from hours away. I also really enjoy getting to visit them or having them stay with me. I am also incredibly blessed with some great friends that live in Louisville (or at least visit a lot!)
  6. My family – It has been really nice being 10-15 mins from my family. Especially my parents who invite me to (AKA ALLOW ME TO CRASH) dinner rather often. They also took care of me when I was sick last week and my mom even went to the grocery to get me jello and pudding cups!
  7. My security – Physically/financially, I am thankful for a job the provides and allows me to live in an apartment where I feel incredibly safe. My neighbors are kind and always checking in on me. My apartment complex is fast about answering any concerns I have. I was actually at work and saw I had a missed phone call from them and quickly called them! I thought they were going to tell me I had left a straightener on and burned down my building or something horrible But they actually were just calling to check on me and make sure I was doing okay after going through a difficult situation. (I am also conveniently only 4 minutes from Work the Metal, Chipotle, and McDonalds)
  8. My Co-Workers – Last but NOT least! I could NOT have made it this far along in teaching without the amazing teachers that I am surrounded by every. single. day. It is the best support system I could ever ask for. And I have three fellow first-year teachers who are going through and experiencing some of the same things I am, they make this journey a lot less lonely!

I hope you have as many things and more to be thankful for this year!




P.S. This song always makes me stop and reflect. It reminds me how much I have to be thankful for, so I wanted to share it with you. (I am not even a Carrie Underwood fan, but she does have a beautiful voice-ha!)

In Partnership With Work the Metal

1201 Story Ave

Louisville, KY 40206

The Barre Code







Most of you probably know that I spend Thirsty Thursday at the Barre- well The Barre Code that is! This summer I tried my first class and fell in love with the concept! The first thing I noticed was that the rooms had dim lighting and well, I was ALL about that because that meant there was smaller chance of people seeing me look like a fool! Secondly, I loved the music. The music and lights are synchronized, essentially if you try to forget the fact you are working out, you can kinda convince yourself that you’re at the club.

The environment is not only fun and upbeat but also positive. The instructors talk about body positivity and trying your best throughout each class. It’s a judgment free zone. This is something that is SO important for me. After being diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos, I really struggled to do group workout classes because I was embarrassed about how I had to modify some of the movements/workouts. Everyone at Barre Code has been very accepting and has not skipped a beat when I have to modify a movement or try something different because an exercise just isn’t working for me.

My favorite class is Barredio and MORE people need to be coming! Let me tell you- it’s a party. We learn a routine and usually spend 4 weeks working on it. Each week we add on a little bit more! We just recently completed a Britney Spears VS Christina Aguilera routine. This means the first half of our workout choreography was composed of Britney style moves and the second half had choreography that was more of Christina’s style. (I am so sad I am having to miss tomorrow due to Open House night at my school.)

The second class (the first one I ever tried) is TBC- total body conditioning. I personally think this class was a good starting point for me. I would highly recommend this if you are not sure where exactly to start in the Barre workout process. This class is designed to workout your entire body. A TBC class weights (2lbs or 3lbs) and sometimes a ball or Thera-band!

The Barre Code is recognized by Self Magazine and Vogue for having some of the best workouts in the Country, and let’s be real Vogue is like second to the Bible so if they say it is great you know it must be true!

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have and if you ever want to tag along please reach out!



The Barre Code has studios all over the country! Below is a list of states where you can find The Barre Code! Click HERE to see if there is a location in your city!













South Carolina



Life Update: I am a Teacher







Breaking news, I am now a Teacher. “Ms. Weedman”- honestly it took me a few days to get used to hearing that because I kept looking around for my Mother. Of course students called me that while I was student teaching, but this time it was different because they were MY students. It’s just me and 19 kids. There is now no one to run ideas by, no one to turn and ask a quick question. I am a one woman show… in what seems like a three-ring circus!

I have been MIA. I was hired as a second-grade teacher on a Thursday, set up my classroom on Friday, had professional development Monday and Tuesday and then all of a sudden had 19 students I was responsible for on Wednesday. It was a whirlwind. I expected to take my first week of teaching off from blogging, but I did not expect to be gone for about 3 weeks. If I am honest, I have been really struggling. My Ehlers Danlos has been in FULL FORCE with all the change going on. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have heard me talk about how I am struggling with a sleeping disorder. I can not get into a sleep study until November. And to keep it real, I have also have been somewhat depressed. I did not expect the extreme emotions I would take home with me everyday. I have struggled to separate my classroom life from my home life. Last week all my friends were settled back at college in Nashville, TN and I was extremely sad. I keep asking myself why I decided to graduate a year early and move back to my hometown. My friends were out late going to concerts and getting Pizza and I was at home, drinking Emergen-C (so I wouldn’t get strep) and praying I could stay awake until 9pm.

I have been overwhelmed by school work and for a while I struggled to make it out of the house. Thank you to my amazing friends who have continually checked on me and even those who have dragged me out of the house! It was good for me. Everyone says your first year is the hardest. I now fully support that statement, HA! Despite being overwhelmed and questioning if I made the right decision to rush the whole “adulting” process, I know that God has a plan. I have never prayed so much in my entire life. I pray for myself, the 19 little lives I spend my days with, for the school I work at, and for the other teachers. Lots of Jesus people, LOTS of Jesus.

Sometimes I wonder if my students are listening to anything I say. I wanted to share the picture below with you guys. I have talked a lot with my students about diversity and how we are all the same on the inside. I really want my students to know that I love them, and I want them to love each other. We have already read numerous books on friendship and diversity but some days I feel like I am talking to a brick wall! Most things I say go in one ear and out the other! A student handed me the picture below and said “do you like it?”, I looked at it and told him “Yes! It is beautiful! I can tell that you worked so hard! Your mom is really going to love it!”- He stared at me and then back at his drawing and looked confused. He eventually looked up at me and said “Ms. Weedman, the picture is for you, I made this picture of you. You taught me that we are all the same on the inside and I know that you love me even though I am black. I wanted to draw a picture that made you look like me. I knew it would make you feel special.” I stood there and struggled to find words to respond, I hugged him and reassured him that he was right, I did feel really special and I was so glad he know that I loved him for who he was. Moments like that are why I became a teacher.


As much as my students drive me CRAZY! I love them each to pieces. I have laughed, yelled, talked in funny voices, and made a fool of myself more than ever but it is all worth it! I am finally getting into the swing of things and have nailed down a blogging schedule. I will be posting on Mondays and Wednesdays. I promise this will not become a teacher blog- I just thought I owed it to everyone to explain where I have been, what I have been doing and I ask that you send any prayers, good vibes, positive thought, or whatever you got my way!

Thanks for checking in!



Beauty Bargain: The Best Self Tanner




If you can’t tone it…tan it, right? For years I fought the self-tanner battle of streaky tans, looking like an Oompa Loompa, and I am too lazy to get out and drive to a salon every week to get airbrushed or use a sunless tanning booth. A little over a year ago I started trying tanning mousse- I instantly liked the mousse way better than the lotion. I tried a wide variety of products ranging from $8-$55. After some success and a few fails, I fell in love with St. Moriz- when applied with a mitt you get a streak free even tan that only cost $12.99! It is very comparable to a popular tanning product that typically cost about $40 a bottle.

How to get the best results:

Always, Always use a mitt, this is an absolute must and just helps the tan apply evenly. I use the Ulta Sunless Mitt ($5.99). It’s often a good idea to shave your legs the day before to give the pores a chance to recover, that way the self-tanner does not seep into your pores causing small dots to appear. Before tanning, I always shower, exfoliate, and apply an oil free moisturizer to any dry patches I have. Using oil fee just means the tan will adhere properly to the skin as there is no barrier left as with a general moisturizer. I wait about 30-45 minutes to make sure I am completely dried off.  Then using the mitt apply the tan mousse onto the mitt and start at my ankles/feet and slowly work the tan all over in small circles until everything is covered. I would recommend that when doing your hands and toes, use the left over on the mitt from your arms, don’t use a fresh pump, it gives a much more natural effect and you avoid the dreaded uneven knuckles!!

For my face, I exfoliate, moisturize and then add some tanning mousse to my usual moisturizer, apply with a dense brush as this way you can buff the tan on and this gives an even application.

I do typically use the Dark moose at night and then go to sleep and wake up and shower- I feel that I get my best color when I let it set overnight. I have done it in the day time, just make sure you wait the 4-6 hours for the tan to best develop, avoid water, and wear loose clothing. In emergency situations, I use the Fast Tan if I have forgotten to tan the night before! The St. Moriz line does have sprays/mist. I have not tried them so I can only speak for my success with the mousse. I have linked some of their products below!

Happy Tanning!


Styling Ehlers Danlos



Bodysuit: Forever 21
Shorts: Express
Photo Credit: Daishawn Hayes (Click here to see his work)


If you asked my friends to describe me they would say loud, confident, energetic… hopefully, they would say I was funny :), but one word I know that would not used to describe me is sick.

When I was 16 years old I was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). May is Ehlers Danlos Awareness Month, so after encouragement from a friend of mine who also has EDS, I decided to do a post about it. EDS is a connective tissue disorder that is caused by a defect in collagen. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. All tissues of the body including ligaments, bones, tendons, muscles, skin, blood vessels, gums, eyes and large organs rely on collagen for their strength. Collagen is used to hold your bones together, but since mine is deficient- my muscle and ligaments have to hold my body together (which is not what they were designed to do!). Because of this, my bones are constantly a little shaky. At any given moment my elbow, knee cap, ankle or any given bone can pop out of place without warning. My body has to work harder than the average persons because it requires much more energy to try to “hold me together”. I have to plan out every aspect of my week, if I want to be able to go out and have fun on the weekends, I know that I will have to spend Sunday- Thursday resting up at night. I also have to find time for my physical therapy program that I do 4-5x a week. This is something that I will have to navigate for the rest of my life, as well as chronic pain. I have good days and bad days but I make the most of every day. EDS is not something I really talk about and I do not let it define me.

One of my goals with my blog is to inspire people to feel confident in themselves. Somedays I may be having a bad pain day, but by putting on something fun and spunky it can give me the confidence I need to make it through the day.


To learn more about Ehlers Danlos Syndrome click here.

Travel Guide: A Weekend In Nashville

Photo Credit: Daishawn Hayes (Click here to see his work)
**ALSO big shout out to him for putting up with both me and Tyra at the same time

Your first stop should be Burger Republic in the Gulch- Make sure you order a milkshake! Then make your way down to Broadway for fun night ahead!  Here is our suggestions: Tootsies Orchard Lounge (I mean who doesn’t love a good Drake reference), Tequilla Cowboy (if you ride the mechanical bull and survive please let us know) and Acme (totally a favorite of all the locals).

For Breakfast check out Fido! The line is guaranteed to be MUCH shorter than the usual tourist stop of Pancake Pantry across the street. Fido is located in Hillsboro Village and surrounded by cute boutiques and unique stores! We suggest checking out Posh, Impeccable Pig, and Revv. While in Hillsboro Villiage you have several photo opportunities! You can find the mural we took our pictures at located on the side of Kaybob’s/ Pizza Perfect (1602 21st Ave. South). There is also a Dragon Mural located in between Posh and Pangea.

After Hillsboro Village head over to 12 Ave South! Here you will find local lunch options such as Edley’s BBQ, Burger Up, Mafiozqzas (amazing Pizza), 12 South Tap Room and Grill. If you are craving sweets head to Jenni’s Ice Cream or Sprinkles (the Cupcake ATM is the cutest thing ever). Reese Witherspoon’s store, Draper James, is located on 12 South and you can find a cute blue and white stripe mural- perfect for a photo! There is also the classic “I believe in Nashville” Mural on the side of Edley’s, and a flower mural on the side of Green Pea Salon.

Next head to the Gulch area for Dinner at Saint Anejo! Saint Anejo is our FAVORITE place (we were just there this morning because they also serve an amazing brunch on the weekends). Along with its amazing food, it has a trendy vibe and funky decor. If there is a wait, it totally worth it and ask to be seated in the upstairs lounge area until a table becomes available. Before dinner consider taking a picture at the Angel Wings (302 11th Ave. S) and at the funky patented mural I used in my first post (Click here to see).

If you are looking for a night out on the town head over to Dumonbreon for nightlife! You can find Tin Roof and South located within a few feet of each other!

For your last morning in Nashville enjoy brunch Loveless Cafe! There will most likely be a wait but they have a couple small shops to browse and some outdoor games to play and sitting areas to help pass the time.

Remember to check the Bands in Town App- it is the number one place for tour announcements, live concert news, and for getting concert tickets to see who is playing during your stay and if possible check out a Nashville Preditors or Nashville Sounds game!  We hope you love the city as much as we do!

$arah (And Tyra!)