The Bourbon Beauty Name:

I was in the car (on the way to a UK basketball game, of course!) with my friend Tyra, I was telling her how I wanted to restart my blog once I graduated from college and needed a new name for it. I wanted something that incorporated my Kentucky roots. We rambled off a few things and eventually came up with The Bourbon Beauty.

Why $arah Weedman:

Yes, I really do spell my name with a dollar sign. In middle school, everyone made fun of my last name and I just thought it was so embarrassing! I decided to start spelling my name with a $ and wrote $-Weed on all my papers. I told everyone I was changing my name to “S money Weed” because I was becoming a rapper. Once I started embracing it everyone seemed to love it! It’s just become something we all laugh about!

Quick Facts About $arah:

  • Lover of fashion, Snoop Dogg, and all things Kentucky.
  • Not Beyonce- I wake up flawed.
  • Kentucky Born and Bred. Lousiville Native. Nashville Transplant.
  • Basketball. Big Blue till I die!
  • Kinda classy…. Kinda hood.
  • Traveler.
  • Life of the party.